The French Pantry

French Pantry … (904) 730-8696 … 6301 Powers Ave. map>

  • "...this is hands down, the BEST Bruschetta I have ever eaten in my life!!! " High Heels Good Meals>
  • "One of my new favorite places (and apparently, one of EVERYONE’S favorites) in Jax is French Pantry." First Bite>
  • "When out-of-town friends come to visit, where do you take them for lunch? What do they like, where will they feel comfortable? … For me, the answer often is The French Pantry." Nourish the Beast>
  • "Good God, the food is amazing." Jax Food Critic>
  • "Now, I've eaten some pretty incredible sandwiches over the years and throughout the world but none that I can remember have been quite as impeccable as what was placed on the table before me at The French Pantry." Finding Florida>
  • "One of my go-to recommendations for lunch has always been the French Pantry.">

The French Pantry restaurant reviews

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