Taverna Yamas

Taverna Yamas … (904) 854-0426 … 9753 Deer Lake Court menumap>

  • "...an amazing assortment of traditional Greek and Turkish fare!…" FW Bite Club>
  • "Our next course was a surprise course, and it was awesome!! 3 words …. Pan.Seared.Cheese! What could get better than that?! The official name for this is Saganaki. I could go on and on about the cheese, but I am going to try and restrain myself. It was that good." Forget Jack, Jill Wants a Snack>
  • "The wife loved her chicken, that plate weighed about 5lbs, it was a lot of food. The chicken was very tender and the cream sauce was excellent." Jax Food Critic>

Taverna Yamas restaurant reviews

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