Salt Life Food Shack

Salt Life Food Shack … (904) 372-4456 … 1018 3rd St. N. menumap>

  • "The tuna was incredibly fresh and they were quite generous with the portion…" First Bite>
  • "I had been hearing about this poke bowl from seemingly every person who lives out at the beach so I definitely had to try and it see what all the buzz was about." viCARIous>
  • "I’m the kind of guy that is always on the fence when it comes to raw fish but DAMN this was good. Jeff, the owner, told me that the tuna is flown in fresh from Hawaii everyday. How great is that?" Jax Food Critic>
  • "Salt Life Food Shack is definitely the type of place I’d stop for any occasion…" Plate Envy>

Salt Life Food Shack restaurant reviews

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