Picasso's … (904) 880-0811 … 10503 San Jose Blvd. menumap> 

  • "…some of the best pizza I've ever had…" Examiner.com>
  • "…these folks want you to love their food. And I do." Jacksonville.com>
  • "...the ONE bite … was fan.tastic … Heaven!" First Bite>
  • "This is one place that bears repeat visits to get a full experience." Finding FL>
  • "...it is my favorite restaurant…" Because 6 ate 10>
  • "...I am a hardcore mushroom lover so what did I order? The stuffed mushrooms … And oh man were they good. Some of the best I've had which definitely says a lot considering that stuffed mushrooms are usually the first appetizers I look for on any menu. Slightly crisp on the outside, velvety smooth inside and sprinkled with Parmesan and fresh basil, served with marinara and pesto sauce. Yum!" Jax Foody>

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