Newk's Express Cafe

Newk's Express Cafe … (904) 527-2402 … 9047 Southside Blvd. menumap>

  • "Yes, that’s a half. Yes, I’m aware it’s huge. It’s also topped with some pretty amazing croutons."  Food Bitch>
  • "Verdict – Love it! I can easily see Newks becoming one of my “regulars”. The food is great and the service is exceptional." Forget Jack, Jill Wants a Snack>
  • "I was thoroughly impressed with Newks! They definitely get an A+ in my book and has quickly become a favorite for me!" High Heels, Good Meals>
  • "..they serve what is clearly the Biggest Salad in History…">

Newk's Express Cafe restaurant reviews

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