Blind Rabbit

Blind Rabbit … (904) 595-5915 … 311 3rd St. N., Jax Beach menumap

  • "Now for those of you who think a burger must follow the rules of bun, burger, ketchup, relish, and mustard, let me tell you that rules were meant to be broken and the Blind Rabbit breaks them all. First up was the Southern Burger. It had arugula on top, along with a fried green tomato, okra and pimento cheese. There was a lot going on in between those two buns, so the meat patty, while good, was almost secondary. The tartness  of the fried green tomato cut through the rich cheese, and the arugula added a crunchy, refreshing finish. Quick Bites>
  • "Our debate over which burger was better ended in a tie, and a full stomach.  If only I’d saved room for a bourbon-spiked milkshake! Maybe next time…”>
  • "The Bacon & Corn Croquettes ($8) were a delicious mashup of flavors, from hushpuppy cool and smoky avocado corn salsa to hot sauce and cane syrup. We demolished a pan of Tobacco Onions ($4), spicy, thin-sliced fried onion peels with your choice of Creole, Cajun and curry-style mustard, mayo and ketchup.Times Union>

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