A La Carte Catering & New England Lunch


A La Carte Catering 
… (904) 241-2005 … 331 1st Ave N. offerings> Facebook> map>

  • "...a ton of lobster, a little mayo, and maybe a little S&P. I loved it…" First Bite>
  • "Instead of the too-typical 'where's the fish?' complaint or 'nice breading!' faux-compliment, we had way more fish than bun in an ever-so-thin coating of seasoned breadcrumbs. The two large pieces of fried haddock came with homemade tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato on a bakery style bun. Because the fish was so plentiful the batter could act as a complement and not a substitute to the main course. It added a pleasant crunch to the fish without being greasy or hiding the wonderful flavor of the fish." Quick Bites>

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