The Swedish Bistro Food Truck (out of business)

When we travelled to Sweden, we tried to eat local specialties. For one meal, we ate at a Swedish hot dog cart. Our foot-long hot dog came surrounded by mashed potatoes and was held inside pita bread. Ketchup and mustard could be added by squeezing the udder shaped dispensers. For another meal we ate at a giant retailer and had meatballs. Wait, that was the Ikea in Orlando. While we never pined for those meatballs, we did wonder if we'd ever get another chance to eat a hot dog ensconsced in velvety, whipped potatoes, and served up like an ice cream cone. With the arrival of The Swedish Bistro Food Truck on the streets of Jacksonville the time had come to reacquaint ourselves with our Swedish culinary memories.

We were recently invited to sample some of the food from the colorful blue and yellow Swedish Bistro Food Truck. We came away with a new appreciation for what a Swedish meatball can be and were pleasantly surprised to see that our old friend, the Swedish hot dog, had been given an upgrade.

Swedish Bistro - truck

The Swedish Bistro Food Truck

The Swedish Meatballs were moist and topped with a savory cream sauce that was good enough to justify licking the plate clean. They were accompanied with lingonberry jam (to my mind, it tastes somewhere between its distant cranberry cousin and a red currant) and pickles. The whole sweet, sour, spicy combo was a winner. 

Swedish Bistro - Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberries

Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberries

The Viking Dog was very similar to the hot dog we tried in Sweden, but this dog was also combined with creamy shrimp. A definite improvement over the original.

Swedish Bistro - Viking Dog

Viking Dog, with creamy shrimp and mashed potatoes

The Veggie Burger, which tasted more like burger then veggie, had a homemade beet slaw on top that made it uniquely Swedish and delicious. It was served with huge Potato Wedges and two dipping sauces, all homemade. 


Veggie Burger with Beet Slaw and Potato Wedges

The Stroganoff, like the Meatballs, was served with the smoothest, creamiest mashed potatoes. Not a lump to be found. Good food is often the simplest. Just take honest potatoes and add cream and butter and whip them fine. Delicious! The Stroganoff came in a simple, creamy, tomato based sauce, which did double duty as a dip for the mashed potatoes.



Now, there was only one item for dessert, but it was a mouthwatering Swedish Chocolate Ball. And frankly, this is the dessert we'd order even if there were other options. It was made with coconut and oatmeal and a soft chocolate center. This was good chocolate, in a rich, creamy, crunchy, coconutty package. 

Swedish Bistro - Chocolate Balls

Swedish Chocolate Ball

With The Swedish Bistro Food Truck we now have a skilled European chef in our midst serving up uniquely Swedish fare. You can see a sample menu here. The Jacksonville food truck world just gets better and better.

Our interview with Chef Karin Asmus-Herke of The Swedish Bistro

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