MeLo on assignment at French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven in Jacksonville, FL - kiosk

You might think the little kiosk at St. John's Town Center serves just french fries, but you'd be wrong. French Fry Heaven serves Belgian style fries, which means the fries are fried twice. Once to cook the fries, then a second time to crisp the outside while leaving the inside fluffy. They also serve sweet potato fries. All the fries are cooked in peanut oil. The menu calls the french fries Angels and the sweet potatoes Saints. The servings come in three sizes: a cupid, medium, and large. Once you decide on a type of fry and size of fry, the hard part begins: choosing your toppings! French Fry Heaven has 23 different toppings for the fries, and 10 for the sweet potato fries. In addition, there are seven different salts you can add.

We each decided to order three cupids, called a flock, one each of fries and of sweet potato fries. That would give us six fry toppings to try, but it was still hard to choose. 

French Fry Heaven in Jacksonville, FL - a trio of Angels

For the Angels, Mel and Lo chose the baked tater topping, a basic ranch dressing topping, and the Canadian poutine topping. The fries are served in a cone so the toppings coat the fries all the way to the bottom. You can eat with your fingers or use the wooden fork (call it a pitchfork, if you're from Texas) that's attached to your cone. The ranch was good and let us taste the fries the most. The poutine topping had gravy and cheese curds. We didn't see the cheese curds, but hey, anything with gravy on it works. Our favorite was the baked tater topping which had ranch dressing, hot cheese topping, bacon bits and chives. But what stood out were the fries themselves. Lo said, "the fries are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside." Mel, who is from Texas, said "look at those nice innards. they stay crunchy to the end."

French Fry Heaven in Jacksonville, FL - a trio of Saints

Next came a flock of sweet potato fries. They are cooked in the same way, but the toppings make them taste like dessert. Mel and Lo chose the marshmallow and pumpkin spice, the cinnamon and brown sugar, and the vanilla, which was the favorite of the server. The crispy outside, fluffy inside fries were terrific and the vanilla topping was sweet all the way to the bottom of the cone. So good in fact that we opened the cone holder to scrape the last of the vanilla sauce. Mel gets the last words on these Saints, "it's like eating a warm glazed doughnut." 

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