MelLo on Assignment: Two Dudes Eatery & Market

We walked into the bright and colorful Two Dudes restaurant. It's a happy place, which is good because the two rules of the place are 1) you don't leave hungry, and 2) you leave happy. Well, that's true on both accounts. Two Dudes is an owner/chef operation in an unassuming plaza in Atlantic Beach, but it's a hidden gem of a place and worth finding.

Two Dudes specializes in fresh seafood, so what the heck were we thinking ordering the burgers? Well, once the burgers are served to you, big and tall and handsome…oh wait, we are talking about the burgers now, right? Well, the best way to eat these behemoths is to cut them in two and enjoy.

Mel ordered the Atlantic Beach burger, which is eight ounces of beef topped with two wieners so that it resembles a turtle from above. But Mel, always trying something new and being from Texas, ordered it without the wieners but with chili and cheese. Special orders are no problem, since everything is made from scratch. Mel also ordered a side order of seasoned fries. So, Mel, what did you think of it? "The burger reminds me of the way Mom used to make 'em: big and juicy and the bun is soft and fluffy. The chili is perfect, not hot, but with good meaty flavor."

Lo ordered the Jax Beach burger, which is a burger topped with fried oysters and wasabi cream sauce, with a side order of mango wasabi cole slaw. The waitress said the cole slaw had a bit of a kick to it and she was oh, so nose cleaning right (please ignore this last bit if you're not into wasabi). So, Lo, was it up to snuff? "The burger was well seasoned and the crispy oysters on top reminded me of beef and oyster stew. It's a great combo. The buns are fantastic, too."

For dessert, Mel ordered the coconut cake, which was three layers of coconut cake and four layers of cream and coconut. It was dense cake, not too sweet, and full of coconut flavor. Lo ordered the waitress's favorite: strawberry longboard. The dish is deep fried shortbread cake shaped like a surfboard and surrounded by whipped cream and strawberries. The cake was crispy on the outside and warm and contrasted beautifully with the cold whipped cream and strawberries. Mel said it best with the Longboard dessert, "I have wonderful memories of the State Fair in Texas of deep fried yumminess when I eat this." 

Look for the menu items in red as they are a house specialty. You won't leave hungry, but you will leave happy.

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