MeLo Skips a Run and Checks Out Maple Street Biscuits

We were supposed to run in the morning, but rain, thunder and lightning made us reconsider the run. In the end, we opted for breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit's new location in Jacksonville Beach. We both ordered the most popular menu item called The Five. It's a warm biscuit stuffed with bacon, Cheddar cheese, and chicken breast, all served with sausage gravy. 

Maple Street Biscuits - The Five-b

The Five

When we ordered at the counter they asked us for the name of our favorite band. Normally, this wouldn't be a hard question, but it was 7 a.m. and we hadn't had our morning coffee yet, or our morning run. Finally, I came up with a band that I liked: The Barenaked Ladies! We didn't know why they were asking, but at least we had an answer for them. Well, it turns out when your order is ready, the staff yell out your favorite band's name. Ahhh. They were a little embarrassed to yell out our band's name, so they motioned to us when our order was ready. Throughout our breakfast, we heard calls of Elvis (was he really in the building?) and Rush. It was an innovative and fun way to announce when an order was ready. The question changes weekly.

The Five was very filling - don't be shy about sharing. The sausage gravy had a bit of heat to it and was rich and creamy. The biscuit was delicious. The manager came around and offered each table a complementary Cinnamon Pecan Chip biscuit with homemade glaze. Both The Five and Cinnamon Pecan biscuits were warm, crunchy on the outside while moist and chewy on the inside. We had to use a fork and knife for The Five, but there were other options that were less messy and more suited to picking up and eating. They all looked good.

Maple Street Biscuits - Cinnamon and Pecan Chip biscuit

Cinnamon and Pecan Chip biscuit with glaze

Coffee is self serve, and there were a variety of brews to choose from. Decaf, dark roast, amber roast, and maple. The maple flavor is actually very nice, and we had a great time mixing it with decaf or the dark roast. All the coffees are locally roasted and the beans are available for purchase.

Maple Street Biscuits - Syrup and coffee

Coffee roasted locally by James and Bob of Coffee Roasters of Florida

Maple Street Biscuits has a friendly staff and an inviting open atmosphere where you can eat at communal tables or opt for a private table. It's the kind of place that you'd want to go regardless of the weather, and wouldn't mind skipping a run for.

Maple Street Biscuits - Friendly Staff

Friendly staff too!

Our interview with Gus Evans and Scott Moore of Maple Street Biscuits

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