Joseph's Pizza bake at home and gluten free pizzas

We had been at the beach. We were salty, sandy, sweaty and tired. No one volunteered to cook, and none of us had the energy to get dressed to eat out. We were all on a particular dietary regimen - the most important was someone who couldn't eat any gluten (the protein in wheat). Then we remembered that Joseph's Pizza just across from One Ocean in Atlantic Beach offered gluten free pizzas. We asked if we could get pizzas to 'take and bake' as we weren't quite ready for dinner, but wanted to pick something up on the way home from the beach. We were in luck; they could!

Joseph's Pizza - take and bake Joseph's Special

Joseph's Special - half baked. 350F for 10 minutes at home to finish it off.

While we waited for the pizzas to be prepared, we sat and watched as people lined up for the gelato. Some of our favorite flavors were there, including Limoncello, a lemony liqueur popular in Italy. While we didn't sample any, we will be back to try them. They looked delicious. Joseph's also sells sandwiches, and their inside store smelled of fresh baked buns and bread.

The gluten free pizzas are offered in the individual size only (10 inch). They are the only pizza dough that is not made by Joseph's - Joseph's gets them frozen and keeps them safely separated from the regular pizza dough. We ordered a Hawaiian gluten free pizza, one large pepperoni (14 inch), and one large Joseph's Special, which comes with pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef, ham, mushrooms, black olives, onions, green peppers. We declined the optional anchovies.

Joseph's Pizza - Gluten Free Take-and-Bake Hawaiian

Gluten Free Hawaiian Pizza

Each pizza was partially baked and the staff gave us complete directions on how to finish the baking process. Well, those pizzas cooked up to perfection. The crust was crispy on the outside, but chewy on the inside, just the way we like them. The pizza sauce tasted slow cooked and homemade. The Hawaiian pizza had loads of ham and pineapple on it. Our celiac eater said it was the best gluten free pizza she had eaten.

Joseph's Pizza - half baked pepperoni pizza

Half baked Pepperoni Pizza

As for the pepperoni and Joseph's Special, the toppings were all fresh and delicious. Quite simply, Joseph's Pizza was a great way to finish off a wonderful lazy beach day. Maybe next time, we'll get to sample that awesome looking gelato!

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