Happy Grilled Cheese food truck

When I was little, I thought to myself, "if I can only eat one food every day, I'd choose grilled cheese." My mother made it with Colby cheese for its lovely melting properties (if the cheese didn't stretch when melted, it was a poor grilled cheese), white bread, and butter. I've outgrown that thought, but grilled cheese is still one of my favorite comfort foods. We ate at the Happy Grilled Cheese food truck recently to check out their menu and see if they could actually improve on our favorite comfort food.

Happy Grilled Cheese - menu

Partial Happy Grilled Cheese menu

The menu was full of grilled cheese variations, available on white bread, Texas toast, and pita. The cheese varied as well, ranging from American, mozzarella, Swiss, Cheddar, and Pimento. We ordered the Caprese Melt, which had pesto, tomatoes, red onion, and mozzarella. And we just couldn't pass up the Crunch Melt, which had homemade mac and cheese, homemade chips, American cheese, and bacon on Texas toast.

Happy Grilled Cheese - Caprese Melt

Caprese Melt

There were other intriguing choices, too: Apple Swiss Melt, Cheese Steak Melt, Porky the Melt, Southern Belle Melt, Reuben Melt, and Blue Collar Melt. All the sandwiches are fresh, and there's a homemade tomato bisque or beer cheese soup side order in a dip size container for only one dollar. All the grilled cheeses we saw were cut on the diagonal so that dipping into the soup would be easy.

Happy Grilled Cheese - Crunch Melt

Crunch Melt

There was no Colby cheese to compare, so my happy childhood memories of grilled cheese from days gone by remained intact. The new modern grilled cheeses we tasted were terrific. The ingredients were all fresh tasting. In the end, the Crunch Melt won the day. It was chewy, salty, and well, crunchy. 

Happy Grilled Cheese - truck

The food orders were not huge, but they were a good value, and The Happy Grilled Cheese food truck left us with new happy comfort food memories.

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