A Quick Bite at Pinegrove Market & Deli

Our GPS told us to turn left and we did…just a little too soon. For the next five minutes we toured the FCCJ Kent campus parking lots. We were lost! It took us some time to reach our destination, Pinegrove Market and Deli, but it was well worth it. Pinegrove is in a residential neighborhood. If it weren't for the number of cars parked in front, or the outside seating, you could almost miss it (unless you had GPS).

Pinegrove Market & Deli. Jacksonville, FL - outside view of restaurant

Inside, Pinegrove is as unassuming as it is on the outside. There's indoor seating, outdoor seating, and they do a brisk take out, too. The menu has a substantial breakfast section, but we were there to sample the two popular lunch items: the Cuban sandwich and the beef burger. Since we were first time visitors, they gave us a free sampler pack of all their sides. We could eat them while waiting for our dishes to arrive or take them home to enjoy. They said, once we tried the sides, we'd be back. The sides change based on what is made fresh that day. We had chicken salad, tuna salad, hummus, tabouli, potato salad, Greek pasta salad, pickles, and flat bread. They were all delicious, and nicely seasoned without overpowering the main ingredient.

Pinegrove Market & Deli. Jacksonville, FL - complimentary sides
Pinegrove Market & Deli. Jacksonville, FL - burger and onion rings

The quarter pound burger looked much larger than its weight and was cooked just the way we wanted. The buns were fresh and chewy and absorbed all of the burger juice without crumbling or falling apart. The cheese and toppings were present, but didn't overpower the wonderful beef taste. It was a great, honest burger. You could taste the beef, and it was good.

The side order of onion rings were thick sliced and just lightly battered. We don't like when onion rings are so heavily coated and overcooked that one bite sucks the entire limp onion out in one piece. So we were thrilled that the Pinegrove onion rings had perfectly cooked onions that stayed in the batter with every bite.

The Cuban sandwich had pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles all pressed in a fresh sub bun. All the flavors combined to make an absolutely wonderful sandwich.

After our delicious meal, we took some burger patties to cook at home and they were fantastic. Pinegrove dry ages its beef which results in a tender steak with a beefier taste. Even if our GPS steers us off course, we'll soon find a way to get back to Pinegrove Market and Deli.

Pinegrove Market & Deli. Jacksonville, FL - onion rings.
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