What’s The Catch?

Interview with Brett, Glenn, and Chef Richard 

Seared Ahi Tuna TacoBlue Lava Shrimp TacoKey West Grouper Taco and Blue Corn Chips

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What’s The Catch? was the winner of the Judge’s Award at the 2014 Food Truck Championships in Jacksonville. This was all the more impressive because it was a scant 3 months after their launch.

What’s The Catch? specializes in fresh seafood tacos, served from a retro Airstream that brings a laid-back feel that’s associated with the Keys and southern Florida beaches. 

If you can’t decide what to order you can look to the favorites of the owners:

Brett: my favorite is the Ahi Tuna Taco and the Sea Scallop Taco. It doesn't get any more fresh or more tasty than these 2 menu items. The flavors are exactly what you would want and expect from a gourmet food vendor. You will leave our truck feeling like you just left a nice restaurant and you will have only spent $10. 

Glenn: my personal favorite is the Baja Taco. It starts with a filet of grilled and blackened grouper. We then add a fresh salsa made daily from corn, black beans, jalapeños, tomatoes and a little Italian dressing. It all goes on a bed of lettuce with a little pico, cheese and a special, spicy house sauce we top it all off with. It’s an amazing taco! It’s very fresh. It’s for the person who wants a little kick of heat for lunch. But the Buffalo Chicken Taco is also special!

Chef Richard: for me it’s neck and neck between the Key West Taco and the Blue Lava Taco. One day as we were sitting around working on our menu ideas. I fried up some shrimp and we were trying out different sauces. I’ve always leaned towards a Buffalo Shrimp sauce, so I tossed some shrimp in a spicy Buffalo sauce and put them into a wrap along with blue cheese dressing and crumbles of real blue cheese along the top. It was one of those deals where I ate it and was immediately blown away. I was actually a little surprised at how good it tasted. That became our Blue Lava Wrap and now I could eat one every day.

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