The Happy Grilled Cheese

Interview with Anthony Hashem of The Happy Grilled Cheese

Brisket and Blue Cheese - Mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, smoked brisket, & red onionDaddy of the Mac Melt - American & cheddar, mac & cheese, pulled pork & grilled onionHot Mama MeltMac Melt - American & Cheddar, mac & cheese, grilled onionsCaprese Melt - Mozzarella, pesto, tomato and red onionCrunch Melt - American & Cheddar, mac & cheese, bacon, onions and homemade chips (inside)

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The Happy Grilled Cheese is operated by Anthony Hashem. Anthony serves up grilled cheese favorites on thick Texas toast using a variety of different cheeses and fillings. To accompany your grilled cheese Anthony cuts and fries chips on the truck in small batches. Two different soups are also available daily.

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