Taste of the Islands Mobile Cafe

 Interview with Trevor and Avis Davis of Taste of the Islands

Bahamian Style Baked ChickenBahamian Style Tuna Melt and FriesCracked Conch and FriesFried Fish, Peas & Rice, Coleslaw and Mac & CheeseJerk Wings and FriesOxtails, Rice & Peas, Steamed Cabbage and Plantains

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Taste of the Islands celebrates the cooking of the Caribbean. Chef Trevor Davis provides his unique fusion of island food, featuring specialties from the Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. 

On the 4th Saturday of every month Taste of the Islands features Culture Groove, a celebration of Island culture with food, music and scenes from the Islands on a large screen TV. Culture Groove is an event for the whole family and is held from 4 - 8pm at the Airport Industrial Park (map).

If you can’t decide:

  • The Jerk Chicken Sandwich is a classic dish from Jamaica. Full of flavor and served with a side of fries.
  • Fried Fish Filet with Bahamian peas and rice, cole slaw, and fried plantains. That will really say “wow!” to your palate. 
  • The Reggae Bowl is  a very traditional Jamaican meal, made from Jerk Chicken, rice and peas, plantains and steamed cabbage.
  • To make our Mojo Pork we use a boneless Boston butt that we marinate in garlic, oregano, sour orange, onion and a lot of spice before it’s put into the caja china for hours until it’s falling off the bone. When the pork is ready it’s mixed with our own homemade sauce and served with yellow rice, black beans and fried sweet plantains or fried tostones.

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