Son of a Butcher

Interview with owner Randy Leibl

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Tell us about Son of a Butcher

Son of a Butcher is a family owned and operated food truck. We operate with 2 main goals. We want to serve an outstanding menu using fresh, local ingredients wherever possible. And, we want a fun, personable business, because we understand that our customers want more than a drive thru experience.

What sort of food do you serve?

We specialize in "Jacksonville's Best Original Philly" because we felt that this area did not have a real Philly and desperately needed one! From there we expanded the offerings to include local shrimp and chicken. We cook to order so that all our offerings are fresh and able to be customized to however our customers like.

What’s a real Philly?

What is a real Philly? Wow, talk about a loaded question!  Son of a Butcher's version is best described as "authentic" with upgrades. The true sign of real Philly is the cheese. The cheese must be Original Kraft Cheese Whiz and cannot be simply added to the top or spread on the bun. A real Philly will have the cheese mixed on the grill to absorb all the seasonings and flavor that make this a truly unique sandwich. The flavors of caramelized onions, cheese, and seasonings is what, without question, makes a real Philly. The fresh rib eye, fresh bun, excellent preparation and authentic ingredients is what makes ours "Jacksonville's Best”!

If you can’t decide:

  • First time customers should always start with the Original Philly. The process and use of fresh ingredients and seasonings makes a unique combination and a sandwich that must be experienced!
  • One of our most popular items is The Mayport. It’s a cheesesteak unlike any other. We use a fresh, locally baked roll, cut fresh when ordered. We then add lettuce and tomato and layer in provolone cheese. We top that with grilled, fresh rib eye steak, grilled onions and peppers. As if that wasn't enough, we then add fresh local shrimp. The steak and shrimp combination is just out of this world and unique to the Son of a Butcher food truck.
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