Pita Boss

Interview with Julie Dallo

Al Capone with pulled pork and pineapple coleslawHummusShawarmaSpinach Dip
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The Pita Boss features a diverse menu that ranges from Middle Eastern to Italian to the American South - all wrapped up tight in a pita and grilled on a panini press.

Just about everything at the Pita Boss is made from scratch, including all of the sauces and marinades. Husband and wife team Julie and Jason Dallo hand roll their meatballs, slow cook pulled pork for 8+ hours, marinate their shawarma for a minimum of 12 hours, and even make their own hummus and pita chips. The pita bread is baked fresh daily here in Jacksonville, at Hala Cafe & Bakery, a locally owned business.

If you’re wondering what to try, owner Julie Dallo recommends the following:

"The Pablo Escobar is my personal favorite, with the Al Capone a close second. Jason has actually fallen in love with the Lucky Luciano. The Bonnie Parker is our sleeper wrap. Any time we have a family member or friend try this wrap they're always pleasantly pleased with how delicious it is and often ask for it repeatedly."

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