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Owners Gary and Maritza Lathion launched Latin Soul Grille on Nov 2, 2014. They serve up a rotating menu of Puerto Rican dishes and BBQ meats. The food combinations reflect Maritza's Latin heritage and Gary's soul roots.

We spoke to Gary and Maritza Lathion to learn more about Latin Soul Grille:

What is Latin food?

Popular Latin items include Empanadas, rice and beans, and Puerto Rican Flan.

Can you recommend a few items?

A signature items is our BBQ Pulled Pork meal. It includes slow smoked pork with rice and beans and our Tostones, which are served with our special sauce. 

One of our best sellers has been our Pulled Pork or Grilled Chicken Tacos with cilantro lime infused sauce and avocados. 

What would you recommend to a first time visitor?

I always recommend either the Tacos or the Sliders. They are the best way to experience the flavors of the meats. That should spark your palate to encourage you to try something different next time.

What’s your favorite item?

Definetely the Empanadas and the Tacos.

Is there a hidden gem or two on the menu?

Dessert! The homemade Flan and Bread Pudding are family recipes from Maritza’s mother in Puerto Rico. 

What are Pasteles?

Pasteles are a traditional treat during the holidays. They include ground vegetables like plantains, yuca, and pumpkin. The inside is a stewed chicken filling.  

What’s a Jibarito?

The Jibarito is a very popular sandwich in Puerto Rico. It consists of fried plantains instead of bread, which is filled with smoked pork or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and sauce.

Why did you decide to start a food truck?

Some of our best memories growing up have been around family and home cooked meals - especially during the holidays. We have been cooking together through our 19 years of marriage. We have always done special events like birthdays, graduations, and wedding receptions. It has been a passion of ours for a long time and it’s now a dream come true to do this full time.

We have gathered the best recipies from both cultures and combined them. Just like our marriage. Doing a food truck was a dream until the timing was just right.

Who does the cooking?

We both do! We both learned to cook growing up and have gotten better through a lot of old fashioned trial and error.

Anything else?

This is our first business venture. It was time to follow our passion for cooking full time. That is our story. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to share our gifts with the community.

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