Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops

Interview with Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops

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Oliver and Julieta Mosqueda had craft their artisan Ice Pops in small batches using old fashioned recipes, bringing back a time when everything was natural without additives and food dyes. Their Pops are made from 100% pure fruit, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. 

Guanabana is their signature Ice Pop flavor. It is also called soursop, custard apple, or graviola. Guanabana is a delicious white fruit from Central and South America which is rich in vitamins like vitamin C and B. It is a unique creamy, mild yet satisfyingly sweet flavor. Some people describe the flavor like a combination of strawberry plus pineapple with a little sour.

You can find Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops at the Riverside Arts Market on Saturdays as well as at farmer’s markets around town. Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops are also available for private events. If you ask, Oliver and Julieta can even make up a custom flavor for your gathering. 

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