Blue Wave Coffee

 Interview with owner Don Henrichsen

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Tell us about Blue Wave Coffee

We’re a coffee truck with a focus on really good coffee from a good roaster and good farmers - we're as direct as we can get from farmer to consumer.

What types of coffee will you feature, in terms of preparation?

We’ll prepare our coffees in a number of ways. Every machine we use on the truck is top of the line, designed to extract the most flavor from every bean. We use a Fetco coffee brewing system for our drip. For our pour overs we have a French press. For our Chemex I use the Gold Cup Brewer from Curtis Coffee out of southern California. They came out with the machine less then a year ago to recreate a Chemex pour over. Typically, when you order a Chemex you’ll have different results depending on the barista and many variables. With the Curtis machine you’re going to have the same great Chemex over and over and over. The Gold Cup Brewer competed in southern California at a barista expo against the best baristas in the country and in blind taste tests the Gold Cup Brewer beat out the baristas every single time. It makes a very consistent cup of coffee, without all the human error.

If you can’t decide what to order:

  • Lattes are the most popular
  • A black coffee made with Verve beans will let you taste some of the best coffee available in the country 
  • A Chemex style coffee from the Gold Cup Brewer will let you experience the machine that beat the baristas

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