Blue Pacific Grill & Taco Bar

Interview with Izzy and Tracy Tahil

Lumpia - Filipino egg rolls with sweet chili sauceMojo Chicken (top) and Chicken Tikka (bottom)Grilled Cajun TilapiaLemongrass Grilled PorkJerk Pork taco
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Blue Pacific Grill & Taco Bar features taco combinations based on global flavors from Asia, the Caribbean, the United States, and all around the world - flavors that are different but that everyone can try. 

Unlike traditional tacos that are made almost exclusively with flour or corn tortillas, Blue Pacific Grill also uses breads from all over Asia. From India, they have Naan and Parathas, along with Scallion Pancakes, which are Chinese. These breads are a great complement to the wide variety of flavors found inside.

If you can’t decide what to order:

  • The Lemongrass Grilled Pork Taco is a Vietnamese inspired dish. The pork is marinated in crushed lemongrass and other spices. As with a lot of Vietnamese food it will be refreshing to the palate. It can fill you up but it feels light to the stomach.
  • The Jerk Pork Taco features a home made mango-peach salsa that blends with the jerk spices and peppers while cucumbers and plantain chips add a crunchy texture to balance the overall taste profile.
  • The Chicken Tikka is a tandoori chicken that’s marinated, then grilled to give it a slight char. It has a typical Indian flavor without being spicy.
  • The Lumpia is a Filipino style egg roll that makes a great snack or accompaniment to the tacos.

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