Big Island Bowls

Interview with owner Brendan Schneck

Mana Kea Bowl with strawberries
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Big Island Bowls brings the Acai Bowls of Hawaii to Jacksonville and St. Augustine. 

Acai is the fruit from the acai palm found only in Brazil. An Acai Bowl is a meal made up of Acai blended with banana, strawberries and either almond milk or apple juice. Most Bowls also have granola and honey, although you can order them without.

Acai Bowls were originally native to Brazil but their popularity has spread to the islands of Hawaii, mostly due to the influence of traveling surfers. Acai Bowls can now be found on all of the Hawaiian islands, mostly at small shacks specializing in these cold and tasty delicacies. 

If you can’t decide:

  • The Big Island Bowl is a classic blend of frozen acai, frozen bannana and frozen strawberry with either organic apple juice or unsweetened almond milk. It is then layered with granola and topped with fresh cut bananas, all drizzled in honey. 
  • The Sheka and Mana Kea Bowls are the most popular. The Shaka has strawberries and shredded coconut which looks and tastes beautiful. Mana Kea has blueberries, bananas and cacao nibs, which are the purest form of chocolate.
  • There are so many different toppings you can choose from to add some real health benefits to your meal. Bee pollen is great to boost your immune system, chia seeds are a runners best friend, hemp hearts are one of the best proteins around, goji berries are packed with anti-oxidants and also add a really good, chewy sensation that mixes well with granola. Or, there's Maca root, which increases sexual stamina and overall energy levels for good mana!
  • To accompany your Bowl, try a cup of Yerba Mate tea. Yerba Mate tea is a tea from Argentina that is traditionally served hot out of a gourd. It contains all 20 essential vitamins and minerals and produces a clear focused energy. It is consumed 9-1 over coffee in Argentina and doesn’t leave you with the jittery energy associated with coffee. While coffee interacts with the nervous system and is very acidic, Yerba Mate interacts with the muscle tissue and actually soothes the muscles while also being very alkaline. Our version of Yerba Mate tea is served cold and ready to drink over ice.

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