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4409 Roosevelt Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32210

(904) 387-3311


11am - midnight Tues - Sat

Closed Sunday, Monday


Tuesday - Ladies night

Wednesday - Trivia

Thursday - Kid's night

Friday - Live bands

Saturday - Karaoke

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10 Questions about Tom & Betty's Restaurant

1. Tell us about Tom & Betty's Restaurant.

We have overcome many challenges at Tom and Betty's. The most noteworthy of these was the fire at our former Park and Cassat location. We are proud to have survived many hard times and we thank the community for always supporting us!

Tom & Betty's Restaurant uses only the finest meats, cheeses, and produce. Our homemade salads and soups are award winning, our portions are "healthy" and our spirits are, in a word, memorable!

Tom & Betty's dessert

2. What makes Tom & Betty's Restaurant special?

We are a local tradition for over 40 years serving great food, huge portions, and a full bar with daily features. We also have fun things going on all the time.

3. What sort of food do you serve?

Tom & Betty's mini-Cooper club

A mix of American, sandwich and homestyle.

4. Where do your recipes come from?

We may not have invented the sandwich, but we sure improved it! 

5. What are your top 3 recommendations for someone new to Tom & Betty's?

Tom & Betty's salad

1. Jaguar - marinated, thin-sliced Angus beef, piled high on top of mashed potatoes and Texas Toast.  The whole thing is covered in beef gravy and served with a choice of side.
2. The Benz - c
hopped steak, grilled to perfection and smothered in sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, and gravy.  Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.
3. Buffalo Chicken Salad (pictured above right) - 
Chopped romaine, blue cheese crumbles, tomatoes, crisp bacon, cucumbers, fried onions & a grilled or fried chicken breast tossed in your choice of wing sauce.

6. What would you recommend for someone who's been a few times and is looking for something a little different?

The Station Wagon - Grilled Texas Toast, lettuce, tomato, meatloaf topped with pepper jack cheese, fried onions & chipotle ranch!

7. What's the most popular item on the menu?

Burgers and reubens & homemade potato soup.

8. What's your favorite item?

Chicken salad.

9. Tom & Betty's is a real institution. Can you give us a little historical background?

We were first opened by Tom and Betty in 1970. When Tom and Betty first started out they did not offer food - only spirits. It wasn't until a customer said he was hungry that Betty went across the street and bought a loaf of bread and some bologna. The man said it was the best sandwich he had ever eaten... and the rest is history!

After a fire destroyed the restaurant in January 1988 we reopened in the Roosevelt Square Plaza, and we've been there since 1989.

10. This is a serious looking burger. Can you tell us about it?

Tom & Betty's Bronco Burger

You're looking at our Bronco Burger. It is a fresh-to-order, hand crafted, 1/2 lb. certified Angus Beef patty that comes with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, spicy mustard and pickles. You can "customize your ride" with the Eddie Bauer Package, which includes chili, sweet cole slaw and crispy french fries. The burger in the picture is the Eddie Bauer Package.

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