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Talking with Tina McComsey about The Salty Dog Food Truck

1. Tell us about The Salty Dog Food Truck

The Salty Dog Food Truck cooks up the classic hamburger and hot dog theme and really goes "back to the basics" menu wise. However, we kick it up a notch or two with our seasonings, freshly prepared burgers, dogs and sausage dogs.

2. Can you tell us about your menu?

Our menu consists of All Angus Beef burgers, All Beef Hot Dogs, Azar Smoked Sausage Dogs, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches as well as weekly specials consisting of hand cut, hand breaded chicken tenders and a chicken tender sandwich we have named "The Ollie". We have just added in a bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog that you can leave as is or top with chili & cheese, slaw or maybe even kraut and jalapeno peppers!

Our hamburgers are made fresh daily. We season up the meat and hand patty each and every one of them. They are cooked fresh upon ordering. We have a multitude of toppings for the burgers as well as the hot dogs so you can load it up and make your own specialty. All of our meals come with waffle fries. We use the secret "Salty Dog Spice" to toss on the fries right out of the fryer. They are becoming a specialty on their own!

Salty Dog - hotdog

Hot dog with waffle fries

3. What appealed to you about a food truck?

The food truck scene has definitely exploded here in Jacksonville. The community in general seem very excited with the wide variety of food choices that have been brought about with the food trucks out today. Not to mention the accessibility - we like the idea of being able to bring great food directly to our customer’s location.

Salty Dog - bacon wrapped dog

Deep fried, bacon wrapped hot dog

4. Can you tell us about your background?

I did not start out in the culinary or restaurant business. I have worked in the corporate world for the last 25+ years. The food truck idea had been just a dream for the last several years. It actually started about 10 years ago with my father and I sitting at the kitchen table drawing up a little hot dog cart that we were going to build. We were going to sell hot dogs on the weekends at a marina close by. Well, earlier this year the opportunity arose and my dream became a reality. The Salty Dog was born!

5. Is there anything people may find surprising about The Salty Dog?

I think many of our customers are surprised when they order up a hamburger and actually see the end product. It certainly is not a run of the mill frozen patty thrown on a griddle. It is close to a 1/2 lb burger so it is definitely "all meat" and not "all bun”.  I personally do not want to have anyone leave and still be hungry so I hope we have accomplished that with our menu.

Salty Dog - 1:2 lb Angus Beef Burger with melted swiss, mushrooms and bacon

1/2 lb Angus Beef Burger with melted swiss, mushrooms and bacon

6. Where did your logo come from?

The logo is based on our dog, Ollie. He is a mini Australian Shepherd and definitely our baby. When my fiancé and I were working on the logo we knew from the beginning what it was going to be. After many, many, many edits with our graphic designer we got it and Ollie became The Salty Dog.

Salty Dog - Ollie the namesake dog


7. How can people find you?

We update our schedule weekly on Facebook. We are also on Twitter and part of Jax Truckies. Currently we are on separate rotations and are at different venues during the week.  So keep a check on Facebook and Jax Truckies to find us. Our website is

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