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(map) 9760 Lem Turner Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32208
 (904) 765-4336
Open 7am - 10pm

(map) 5456 Normandy Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 783-1606
Open 6:30am - 10pm

(map) 1330 Blanding Blvd.
Orange Park, FL 32065
(904) 213-9744
Open 6am - 10pm

(map) 14985 Old St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32258
(904) 374-0393
Open 6:30am - 10pm

(map) 450102 West State Road 200
Callahan, FL 32011
(904) 879-0101
Open 6am - 9pm

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10 Questions about The Pig Bar-B-Q with Mike Murdock, Jr.

The Pig Bar-B-Q - E.S. Murdock

1. Tell us about The Pig Bar-B-Q.

The Pig Bar-B-Q is a 4th generation family run business.

E.S. Murdock started "The Pig" in 1955 on Kings Road in Jacksonville, Florida. Eventually he operated several stores throughout the Jacksonville area and Waycross, Georgia. We currently have 5 locations in and around Jacksonville.

Our original restaurants focused solely on serving award-winning barbecue. In the early 1960's, a friend of E.S. Murdock's in the commercial fishing industry inspired the decision to add a selection of seafood to our menu. E.S. Murdock then opened up "The Pig Seafood" on Lem Turner Road. This was the first store to concentrate on seafood and classic southern barbecue. While barbecue will always be our specialty, you can find an assortment of delicious seafood at all locations!

2. What makes The Pig special?

The Pig Bar-B-Q ribs and chicken

We still cook our ribs over an open pit, baste everything in our signature mustard based “Pig Sauce” and slow smoke to finish.

3. What sort of food do you serve?

We are known primarily for our barbecue but we also have a huge variety of items at our restaurants.  All five locations currently serve weekday southern cooking lunch specials like fried chicken and meatloaf to name a few.  We also carry a variety of homemade side items… more than just baked beans and coleslaw, we mix in things like collard greens, lima beans and mac-n-cheese.

4. What are your top 3 recommendations for someone new to The Pig?

The Pig Bar-B-Q 4 ribs

#1 – Ribs
#2 – Ribs!
#3 – Ribs!!

Although we do have some lower priced menu items that outsell our ribs, this would always be our recommendation for the barbecue lover. We recommend this in part because of the traditional way they are prepared but also because the ribs we serve are spare ribs. Spare ribs are huge and much larger than babyback or St. Louis style. If you order “center-cut” on your rib plate you definitely won’t be disappointed about your portion.

5. What can you recommend to someone looking for something a little different?

As part of our seafood selection we offer a catfish dinner. This is TWO whole catfish, hushpuppies and two sides. The whole fish deep breaded, deep fried and customers pick it right off the bone. This may be unique to a lot of people but it’s no stranger to the true Southerner.

The Pig Bar-B-Q catfish

6. What's your most popular dish?

Our pork sandwich is what we sell the most of.  You can choose to have it piled high on a small (4”) or large (5”) sesame seed bun.  All of our sandwich plates come with two sides but you can upgrade your pork sandwich to a “Pig Special” and get it with homemade baked beans, fresh cole slaw and steak-cut french fries.

The Pig Bar-B-Q pulled pork sandwich

7. What's your favorite dish?

Ribs!  There is nothing better than bringing home a whole slab special! It feeds my wife and I for a couple of days.

The Pig Bar-B-Q ribs

8. Where do you get your recipes?

The Pig Bar-B-Q sauces

Our sauce recipe is something that the founder E.S Murdock has handed down for generations.  It is still made and distributed to all of our stores through the Normandy Blvd. store. We use one sauce for table service and another for basting the meat as we cook on the pit and smoker.

9. Can you tell us about your management?

Ownership and management have always been a family affair at The Pig. Here is a look at the generations currently involved with operation of the five stores.


Stewart and Sally Murdock - (Son and Daughter-in-law of founder E.S. Murdock).

General Managers:

Mike Murdock, Sr. - (Grandson of founder).

Chris Murdock - (Grandson of founder).

Joe Helms - (family friend).

Mike Murdock, Jr. - (Great-grandson of founder).

10. How long have you been working at The Pig and what did you do before?

I was an insurance claims adjuster for 6 years before joining the family business in February of 2011. We opened our newest store in July, 2011 which I now manage.

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