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Chicken Veggie bowl at Flame Broiler Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL
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(map) 9822 Tapestry Park Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 619-2786

(map7156 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 337-0007


10am - 9pm  Monday - Friday

11am - 8pm Saturday

11am - 5pm Sunday*
*Tapestry Park location closed Sundays

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10 Questions about The Flame Broiler

1. Tell us about The Flame Broiler.

We are a 17 year-old West Coast Franchise offering a healthy alternative to traditional fast food. Our food consists of your choice of steamed brown or white rice, steamed vegetables, and char-broiled beef or chicken … we use no MSG, trans fat, skin, or frying.

2. What makes The Flame Broiler special?

Our food is good for you! It's also prepared quickly and is inexpensive.

3. You're very up front about the nutritional content of your dishes.

Yes. We list the calories and nutritional profile of all our dishes and even include the Points from Weight Watchers. Our food is both satisfying and healthy. 

Korean Barbecue at Flame Broiler Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL

4. What sort of food do you serve?

Korean Barbecue.

5. What exactly is Korean Barbecue?

Korean barbecue is simply grilled meat, and it is the particular way the meat is grilled.  Our meat is grilled over a charbroiler that has been produced specifically for The Flame Broiler.  It is also in the sauces we use.  We have Magic Sauce, which is similar to a teriyaki flavor.  Our beef is also marinated in our house marinade, which would be considered a Korean flavor.

6. What are your top 3 recommendations for someone new to The Flame Broiler?

1. Chicken Veggie Bowl.
2. Chicken Bowl.
3. Works Bowl.

Chicken Veggie Bowl at Flame Broiler Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL

7. What can you recommend to someone looking for something a little different?

Works Bowl.

8. What's the most popular dish?

Chicken Veggie Bowl (pictured left).

9. Can you tell us about your catering service?

We cater in two different styles.  People can order individual bowls and customize how many of each bowl they would like.  We also offer family-style catering.  The food is put in trays and people can scoop for themselves. Our catering menu is on our website 

10. Do you deliver for catering?

Yes. We will deliver for catering and do not have a set radius at this time. We do require 24-hours notice for catering services.  

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