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Talking tea with Sarah Paige Wilde

1. Tell us about Tea Haus.

I started the Tea Haus concept as a way to make medicinal herbalism more accessible to the general public. Ancient healing traditions throughout many cultures involve the simple practice of drinking tea. I wanted to encourage a process of self discovery that was as easy as taste-testing an herbal remedy in a cup of tea.

We offer a variety of organic and fair trade teas, have a gluten-free/vegan kitchen, juice bar, garden, holistic healthcare suite, and retail boutique.

Currently there is limited indoor seating, but as soon as March we should have an outdoor patio in the garden area for additional seating.

2. Can you tell us more about the people behind Tea Haus and how it all got started?

The business itself has been constructed organically.  A mutual friend introduced myself and Breanna Tivvis, a soulful yogi who desired to open a retail boutique for Fuse Fair Trade. As idealists with the best of intentions and little practical business experience, we joined forces in a small start-up location in Jacksonville Beach to gauge the response of our local community. We offered teas, herbs, and fair trade gifts, while my acupuncture practice, Dancing Phoenix, was maintained behind the scenes.

We were joined by singer-songwriter Mere Woodard who elevated our weekly happenings with live music and improved our menu with her seasonal kefir.

Murphy Williams, formerly of Dig Foods, lent her wealth of vegan raw food wisdom to create small dishes.

Tea Haus - gluten-free and vegan ultimate brownies

Gluten-free and vegan ultimate brownies. Photo courtesy Tea Haus.

Emily Hartford, of Om Is Where The Hart Is, tended to our marketing and design needs.

Within six months of starting in our first Jacksonville Beach location we gained a wonderful support network who pushed us to reach out of our comfort zone. Tea Haus outgrew its first location quickly, and we’ve recently moved to an expanded location at 353 6th Ave. S. in Jacksonville Beach (map) .

To accommodate our new food-related needs, Rosaria Cammarata Anderson offered catering services with her grass-roots organization, This Chick Can Cook. Her passion for farm-fresh, local, non-GMO crafts and relationship with Dig Local elevated the Tea Haus production.

Kayla Brooke, of KB Bakes, provides gluten free, vegan baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Juice consultant, Trevor Wilde, has expanding his weekly cold-pressed offerings with juice cleanses, made to custom order online.

The garden is currently under construction in Murphy Williams' care. Our plans for permaculture foods and an educational environment about sustainable green living is taking place in our own backyard.

Our healthcare suite continues to offer acupuncture and prescription herbal remedies with Dancing Phoenix. We have been joined by by Reiki practitioner, Angel Bradeen, intuitive channel Heather Alice Shea, and Darren Conrad of MD Dream Big. Conveniently located next door is Shine Wellness Center, operated by Carla Morello, offering independent services including pilates, massage, skin care, counseling and more. This is a growing project and special endeavor for the Jacksonville community. Together, we are working to inspire a compassionate and creative approach to well-being.

Tea Haus - drinks

To-go drinks. Photo courtesy Tea Haus.

3. What is a Tea Haus?

It’s a gathering space around the cultural tea experience. We are a medicinal tea house, which is a relaxed atmosphere that educates the public on the importance of maintaining healthy or healing daily practices such as yoga, acupuncture, juicing, fasting, and culinary remedies to improve your well-being. 

4. What's a "compounding granular herbal pharmacy"?

Powdered Chinese herbs are compounded or mixed as a prescription herbal medicine meant for daily consumption to treat acute and chronic health conditions. 

5. What do you mean by a "holistic walk-in clinic"?

On site we have a holistic wellness suite which includes acupuncture, massage, reiki, energy medicine and intuitive counseling. These services are currently by appointment only. However, lets say you have a cold, but can't take antibiotics. Or maybe you've had trouble sleeping but don't want to take a pill. You can walk in to the Tea Haus and we can offer immune boosting herbs, juices or kefir to kick out the virus. Or we can help you select a sleep enhancing powdered herb, like valerian root, to add to a calming tea before bed. 

Tea Haus - Valerian root is a herb used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders

Valerian root is a herb used to treat insomnia and sleep disorders. Photo courtesy Tea Haus.

6. What do you mean when you say that you are "helping to redefine the approach to health care"?

In our western society, health care has become an impersonal, mandated, and rather depressing experience. I sing praises to those in the nursing field who take the extra step to care for their patients, and the doctors that invest time to truly listen or seek out answers on the behalf of their clientele. Sadly, the abuse of insurance-based care often leaves individuals with a feeling that they are isolated and hopeless, with nowhere to turn. The truth is, we are all independently responsible to seek out our best care, and that nourishment should start with ourselves. Rather than outsourcing our personal power, we need to choose to re-invigorate our understanding of "medicine". Food is medicinal, herbal remedies are impressively effective, and personal practice is a key to success - whatever it is that you love, be impassioned by it. Learn to follow your intuition, trust your gut, and face your fears. Choose a direction that inspires you to take responsibility for your health. Create new habits in pursuit of being vibrant and fully alive. Consciously participate in your own evolution. 

7. Did you make any changes in your recent move to 6th Ave. S. from your previous location?

Yes, we've expanded to add a kitchen and a garden, which is currently under construction. Being nestled next to Shine Wellness Center also enables our clients to have access to their range of independent wellness services.

8. Can you tell us about your teas?

All our teas have to be organic and sustainably sourced. We sell and serve all our teas as loose leaf; they’re compostable and there’s no extra waste. 

9. Can you recommend a few teas?

Personally, I love the experience of old tea traditions: Japanese matcha, South American maté, and theres nothing like a high quality black tea with almond milk and local honey. 

For first timers, I’d recommend one of our sweetened tea lattes and a small dish to complement your tea selection.

If you want something different you can try an herb in your tea! We offer an add-on selection for your acute ailments. Need a mental refresher? Try ginkgo for its memory enhancing properties. Need an energy boost? Try ginseng. Health related teas? Tea, in general, is touted for its healing properties. Due to the high antioxidant content, flavanoids, and concentrated ECGC, they are recommended to prevent cancer, heighten alertness, and stabilize weight.

If you really want to experiment you can try blending two teas together to create your own unique brew. 

Tea Haus - Organic herbal teas

Herbal teas. Photo courtesy Tea Haus.

10. Do you also sell coffee drinks?

We've just sourced some fair trade coffee with the Coffee Alliance, and have begun french press brews this week.

11. Can you tell us about your food menu?

We have healthy lunches to-go and a small array of sweets. We cold-press juices on site, brew our own kefir, and have a wonderful retail selection of bulk teas, herbs, and fair trade goods. 

All our food is completely gluten free and vegan, a concept that gives the Tea Haus a signature spin. We cater to those with food allergies and intolerances. We don't use any animal products, except arguably, honey. Our foods are sourced at local farms, including Barnyard, KYV, and Gyo-greens, to name a few. So our selection is always fresh, local and in-season.

Our menu changes daily. Rosaria Cammarata Anderson of This Chick Can Cook, and Murphy Williams, macrobiotic and raw food goddess, are extraordinary in the kitchen.

I must mention that our customers are stoked on the juices and sweets; our chef Rosaria cannot keep the gluten free vegan hemp balls in stock!

Tea Haus - Garden Salad

Garden saladPhoto courtesy Tea Haus.

12. Can you recommend a few food items?

Because our menu changes daily I’d say to come with an open mind! Try new things. My favorite snack food is the cardamom pickled okra. A customer favorite is our Chorizo Taco Tuesday, which is soy chorizo with polenta. We also have some wonderful juice and food pairings - you'd be surprised how a cucumber-lemon-mint juice will elevate something as simple as a salad.

Tea Haus - Vegan chickpea quiche by the slice

Vegan Chickpea QuichePhoto courtesy Tea Haus.

13. Anything else?

We are open 10 am - 6pm Monday-Saturday. Our ambiance is relaxed and family friendly. We like to hang out. And laugh. So please come by.

We’re having a Haus Warming on Thursday, January 29th from 4 - 8pm. We’ll have tea and food tasting, live music, cocktails, shopping and more! 

Stay tuned for our Garden Party in February. We are going on a planting blitz with Permaculture Jax Beach, if you like to get your hands dirty, we will see you there.

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