Tailgate Bar & Grill

Tailgate Bar & Grill building


441 Haines St.

Jacksonville, FL 32202

(904) 353-8321


1pm - close Monday - Friday

Open during Jaguar games and most special events downtown.


10 Questions about Tailgate Bar & Grill

Tailgate Bar & Grill - tailgaters

1. Tell us about Tailgate Bar.

We are the ultimate parking-tailgate party-bar experience. For people who want to come downtown to enjoy a Jaguar's game, the FL/GA game or any other big event, we provide the most convenient parking location along with a really great tailgate environment. You can bring your own party or join us in the bar.

Tailgate Bar & Grill has been open for over 30 years. We have big screen TVs, pool table, dart machines, and much more. 

We have also provided services for all Jaguar home games, the Florida-Georgia game, the agricultural fair, the Gator Bowl Game, and other events held at or around Everbank Field. This includes parking for cars, trucks, and RVs. We provide rental space for various venders for all events as well.

2. What makes Tailgate special?

Our LOCATION! We are conveniently located DIRECTLY across Everbank Field in downtown Jacksonville. We have easy access to all the expressways, and the Mathews and Hart Bridge. When people are driving home from work, they can avoid rush hour traffic and come by for a cold beer or drink.

Tailgate Bar & Grill - tailgate party

3. Your name is Tailgate Bar & Grill, but you don't actually have a grill do you?

That's right. We used to, but we're now a bar only. For special events we invite in a lot of small food vendors to enhance the tailgating experience we offer.

If people park at our facilities, they can also bring they own food, or BBQ in their designated parking space. This makes for a great tailgate party and is also what makes us so convenient because we do not limit options to our customers. 

4. What are your hours? Are you just open during sporting events or are you open every day?

We are open Monday through Friday from 1pm to close (time varies). We are also open for EVERY Jaguar home game, FL/GA game, Gator Bowl game, Monster Jam, Gate River Run, and any other special event taking place in and around the stadium.

Tailgate Bar & Grill - Monster tent

5. Do people need to reserve parking in advance?

We offer Season Parking for all Jaguar games, and also game-by game. People can reserve season parking for the Jaguar games by phone, or through our website. As for the FL/GA game, we offer parking reservations by phone, or through our website as well. This includes for RVs, trucks, and cars.

For game-to-game parking, you can pay at the gate or call to pay in advance if you like as well.

We only offer RV parking for FL/GA games. We also offer non-reservation parking as well, but space is VERY limited for that game.

All other events are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. But again, we can offer parking reservations as well. 

Tailgate Bar & Grill - parking

Tailgate Bar & Grill - Jaguars parking

6. Can you tell us about the Georgia-Florida week and what goes on at your place during that time?

The Florida-Georgia game is the biggest event of the year for us, and the city of Jacksonville. It is considered to be the "World's Largest Cocktail Party." People are attracted to our facilities because of our convenient location. We are the BEST PLACE for people to enjoy the ultimate tailgate experience. Also, we are different from other locations in that we are a private establishment and are more flexible with out clients. In previous years we have established great relationships with Monster Energy Drink, Miller Brewing Company, Jack Daniels, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Sports Mania, t-shirt vendors, and tailgating entertainment companies. In addition to our many vendors, we provide parking accommodations for RVs for days prior to the game. What makes us different is that there is no waiting to park in our facility. As for other cars, trucks, and SUVs, we do not have any alcohol restrictions for them to park and party for the game. In addition to our parking and vender services, we provide several food services to various food vendors with a variety of food choices.

Tailgate Bar & Grill - FL/GA game

7. Anything else you'd like to add?

If you're going to a Jaguar's game or any other special event downtown, we're THE place to be. We combine the most convenient location to park with a great atmosphere that lets you have more fun with less hassle. We also have a great bar so you can drop by for a drink before or after the game.

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