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Talking with Sandra Bateh-Hanania and Susie Bateh about Park Deli

1. Can you tell us about Park Deli?

We're a small deli serving breakfast, lunch and catered meals from Monday through Friday. Even though we're small everything we serve is available fresh, made to order. We're located in an office building on Centurion Parkway N., right next to the Brooks YMCA. ADP and Synovus Bank are also in our building. We service businesses in our own building as well as businesses and walk-in customers from the surrounding areas.  

Park Deli is a sister restaurant to Joseph's Pizza. They're different restaurants but our family owns both so we share some items between the two. 

2. What kind of food do you feature?

We have amazing Breakfast Pitas and omelets. These are our two staples for breakfast. Our Breakfast Pitas are made with fresh whipped eggs, bacon or sausage, and cheese. We can also make them with turkey. 

We also bake our own muffins every morning. They come warm, fresh out of the oven. Our Carrot Cake muffin is one of our most popular. 

Park Deli - Danish

Breakfast Danish

For lunch we feature a number of signature dishes from Joseph's Pizza, such as our chicken salad sandwich. 

We go through a lot of soups too, which was really a surprise. Even when it's 100 degrees outside. All our soups are homemade. We have homemade taco soup, minestrone, and a potato soup. Our two most popular soups are our taco soup and our chicken tortilla soup.

Our salads are made fresh to order although we'll wrap some in our cooler for people who are in a hurry. Our most popular salad is our Chef's Salad. We also have a cranberry-walnut salad. When fresh fruit is in season we'll make up a salad with fresh blueberries, strawberries and other fruits over a bed of spinach.

Park Deli - Chef's Salad

Chef’s Salad

We also make fresh tabbouleh and hummus which are very popular. 

Finally, we have a lot of great desserts.

3. Can you tell us about your desserts?

Like everything else, our desserts are homemade. We make a different cake every week - it could be a strawberry cake or a chocolate cake. We also make a very moist, very popular brownie, which we'll sometimes bring to Joseph's. The desserts are geared to a lunch clientele, so we'll have things like lemon bars, cookies and other smaller items. People don't want anything too big when they're working. 

Park Deli - Cheesecake Praline and Lemon Bars

Cheesecake, Praline and Lemon Bar

4. How long have you owned Park Deli?

This May (2013) it will be 3 years.

5. Why did you decide to open a deli and not another Joseph's Pizza?

Park Deli gives us the opportunity to feature items not on the Joseph's menu such as our pulled pork, which we use for our Cuban sandwich. The businesses are also complimentary. Park Deli starts at breakfast and runs through the lunch hour. Joseph's really starts at lunch.

When we first looked into the deli I kept hearing that it would be so easy because there's so many places to order pre-made salads, soups, chicken fingers and so on. We'd just have to open and serve. I tried that for a week and then everything went into the garbage. I couldn't do it. I didn't want to. We put a high value on knowing every detail about our food and doing things in a homemade way. We're used to making our potato salads and pasta salads from scratch. 

Park Deli - Meatball Sub

Meatball Sub

6. What would you recommend for someone who wants to try out Park Deli for the first time?

Our Cuban sandwich is really popular and it's something you can't get at Joseph's, so for someone who may be familiar with Joseph's that will be a great sandwich that shows off what Park Deli has to offer. It's made on Joseph's bread. We add our pulled pork, ham, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and cheese. We then heat and press the sandwich. The Cuban actually started as a special and when we stopped it people would come in and ask where it was, so we put it onto our regular menu and now it's one of the most popular items.

Park Deli - Buffalo Wrap

Buffalo Wrap

7. What would you recommend for someone looking for something a little different?

We have a number of sandwiches that are very unique. For example our Grand Canyon comes with roast beef, turkey, and ham. We top it with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and our homemade Italian dressing. We serve it on our Joseph's bread, but if you want it gluten free we can also serve it on a platter. We bake the sandwich in the oven. For gluten free we have a sign that says "ask for your sandwich naked." We still cook it in the oven, but then we serve it on a plate. 

Park Deli - Big Talbot Triple Play

Big Talbot Triple Play on a Josephs Italian sub roll

8. How is Park Deli different than Joseph's?

Park Deli is a breakfast and lunch spot whereas Joseph's is a full service restaurant with weekend brunch, lunch and supper menus. 

Park Deli - Chicken Club Wrap

Chicken Club Wrap

9. You also offer catering?

Yes. There are a number of office buildings in our area and we provide breakfasts and lunches for the local businesses. 

10. Do you have delivery?

Yes, we offer doorstep delivery. A lot of people just can't get out for lunch so delivery is important to them.

Park Deli - counter

Park Deli

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