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Talking super smooth ice cream with Chad and Bonny Abernathy

1. Tell us about Nitrogen Creamery.

Nitrogen Creamery is a whole new spin on ice cream. Customers start by selecting an ice cream base and adding mix-ins of their choice. Then we add liquid nitrogen to the mix. We mix it until the texture is perfected - then Bam! You now have incredibly creamy ice cream. 

2. How would you describe ice cream made with liquid nitrogen?

It's amazingly smooth. The nitrogen freezes the ice cream quickly, creating smaller ice crystals than what you get with normal ice cream. As a result, the texture you get is unbelievably smooth. 

Did we mention that all of our ice cream is 100% natural, free of preservatives and growth hormones? So brace yourself for the best ice cream you have yet to experience!

Making ice cream with nitrogen. Video courtesy Nitrogen Creamery Food Truck.

Nitrogen Creamery - Andes Mint Chocolate

The finished product - Andes Mint Ice Cream with Oreos! Video courtesy Nitrogen Creamery Food Truck.

3. How long does it take to make a serving of ice cream? 

To ensure absolute perfection all orders of ice cream are made individually and customized on the spot. Each order takes approximately two to three minutes.

4. What are a few of the most popular flavors?

Our most popular flavors are definitely Butter Pecan, Cotton Candy, Nutella and Orange Creamsicle. Surprisingly, we get a good mix of adults and kids that like to have a variety of flavors. By allowing customers to customize their own ice cream each person can create their own delicious concoction.

My personal favorite is Nutella Almond Joy. I love Almond Joys and by adding Nutella into the mix it just takes ice cream to another level.

Nitrogen Creamery - Maple Walnut Ice Cream

Butter Pecan ice cream. Photo courtesy Nitrogen Creamery Food Truck.

5. How do you serve your ice cream?

We serve it in a cup or a cone. 

6. Does Nitrogen Creamery just sell ice cream or do you also sell other things? 

Our primary focus is ice cream. However, we do offer hot dogs, delicious lobster rolls and nachos at certain occasions.

7. How did you come up with the idea for Nitrogen Creamery? 

Our family wanted to open a food truck so we tried to think of an idea that is fun and would be a new idea to bring to Jacksonville. I personally LOVE great homemade ice cream. So my husband Chad, being a chef, began experimenting with ice cream and liquid nitrogen. Within no time Nitrogen Creamery was born. 

Nitrogen Creamery - Cookie Monsters Dream

Cookie Monster’s Dream Ice Cream Sandwich. Video courtesy Nitrogen Creamery Food Truck.

8. What appealed to you about a food truck?

We love food, especially ice cream!! I love having a food truck because we are able to go to our customers. We can do events, parties, and catering all around town. It's always a fun new experience. 

Nitrogen Creamery - side of truck

Nitrogen Creamery truck logo. Photo courtesy Nitrogen Creamery Food Truck.

9. Can you tell us about your backgrounds?

Chad: I have an AS degree in Culinary Management from FSCJ. I interned at Blue Bamboo under Chef Dennis Chan while I was in school. I started at BB's in January 2012 under then Chef Josh Agan, who is currently the Executive Chef at Flying Iguana. After Chef Josh left I worked under Chef Chris Cohen, who is now Executive Chef at Bistro Aix. I was charged with Chef duties when the Head Chefs were off or out of the restaurant. I learned a lot while working at Blue Bamboo and BB's and still occasionally pick up shifts at BB's if they need me. My experience at these restaurants was priceless. 

Bonny:  I am a full time RN at Orange Park Medical Center. I work on the truck when I can and also handle event booking. 

10. How can people find you?

On our new website or at Jax Truckies, Jacksonville Food Trucks, Nitrogen Creamery Facebook page, Yelp and Instagram. We go to locations all over town and do not have a set schedule.

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