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Talking Artisan Ice Pops with Oliver and Julieta Mosqueda 

1. Tell us about Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops

We are a husband and wife team. Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops is a new concept of gourmet ice pops using old fashioned recipes, bringing back a time when everything was natural without additives and food dyes like many ice pops currently on the market. Our Pops are made from 100% pure fruit, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Our Ice Pops are handcrafted in small batches using 100% natural ingredients. Right now Oliver and I are the only people involved in the process of making the Ice Pops. After we decide which flavor we are making, we select the fruits. Our first option is always local. We believe that supporting local farmers is the way to go. Then we start to handcraft the Ice Pops in very small batches in our commercial kitchen. When the Pops are ready, it is time to package, label and seal them. It is a long process, but very rewarding.

Guanabana - Very Berry custom flavor

Very Berry Artisan Ice Pops

2. Why do you sell your Ice Pops from a tricycle, rather than a truck?

We were looking for something unique, simple, green and very efficient to transport the Pops. Our tricycle is just perfect for catering because we can fit in almost every space, which is not possible with a truck. We can bring our Pops to office hallways to cater employee treats, to a wedding reception, to a backyard, or to anywhere you want us.

Guanabana - Julieta and kids

3. What does Guanabana mean?

Guanabana is our signature Ice Pop flavor. It is also called soursop, custard apple, or graviola. Many people believe this is a combination between two fruits – banana and another, but it is not. Guanabana is a delicious white fruit from Central and South America which is rich in vitamins like vitamin C and B. The majority of people who try it for the first time just love it! Many customers who have traveled out of the U.S. and have the guanabana fruit before are very happy to finally find our Ice Pops. It is a unique creamy, mild yet satisfyingly sweet flavor. Some people describe the flavor like a combination of strawberry plus pineapple with a little sour.

And because this is our favorite fruit over all the fruits we decided to call our business Guanabana. It is something unique and original and we love how people pronounce, or mispronounce, this name: Guana Bana.

Guanabana - Guanabana Ice Pop

Guanabana flavored Ice Pops

4. What sort of other flavors do you have?

We have classic flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and peach. Then we have mixed flavors like Super C or Piña Colada or even Colombian coffee. After that we craft the exotic tropical fruits like Guanabana, passion fruit or Lulo. And the new flavors “waiting list” is getting better and better. Yummy!

5. What’s Super C?

It’s a great flavor combination based on fresh-squeezed orange juice and carrots. It’s a healthy and fun snack that kids love. Because it’s so healthy and kid-approved parents love it too.

6. How do you decide on which flavors to make?

We both decide which flavor is coming next and of course take into consideration the season. I’m responsible for the testing. I work a lot until I get the perfect recipe. Then the other testers do their job. I’ll use their feedback to help modify the recipe until it is just right.

For our menu we always try to keep a good supply of favorite flavors but at the same time we keep working on adding new flavors. Every new flavor appears when it is just ready. We don’t want to rush into having a new flavor every week.  Instead our main focus is the quality of our product and our customer service. We want people to try one of our Ice Pops then come back for the second one - or even better - get a box of our Ice Pops to keep in the freezer.

Guanabana - Mango

Mango Ice Pop

7. What’s the most popular flavor?

The most popular flavor is not a secret - adults and children alike love strawberries. Our Strawberry Ice Pop is like eating a pint of strawberries. 

A lot of adults love the Colombian Coffee Pop and if we go to the Beach, people there love the Watermelon Pop because it’s very refreshing. Our hidden gem is Coconut - many people are not coconut lovers but this Ice Pop has changed their minds. It is a must try.

8. Is it true that you can also do custom flavors?

Yes! The great thing about us is that because we handcraft our Pops we can customize any flavor. For instance, at one wedding the bride was so obsessed with peanut butter and pineapple that we customized this Ice Pop flavor for her. The Pops were a huge hit.

Guanabana - Piña colada with rum for an adult party

Pina Colada Ice Pops with a little rum for an adult treat

9. Are your Pops gluten free?

Yes! All our Pops are gluten free and the majority are dairy free as well. We are currently working to make all our Pops dairy free.

10. Where can people find you?

You can find our cool tricycle full of Ice Pops every Saturday at the Riverside Arts Market from 10 to 4pm. On Saturday’s we’ll also be selling our Ice Pops at the Julington Creek Plantation Farmer’s Market from 10 to 2pm.

On the third Thursday of every month from 4:30 to 9pm we’ll be at the Jaxsons Night Market in downtown Jacksonville.

Every Wednesday from 4 to 7pm we’ll be at the Avondale Mid Week Community Arts and Farmer’s Market.

On the first Friday of every month from 3 to 7pm we’ll be at the World Golf Village Farmer's Market

Please check our Facebook page for other locations during the week and remember that we are always available for private events. 

If you can’t come to us and you want to have a box of our Ice Pops for your refrigerator please send us a message and we will deliver it to you. 

11. Will you be out all winter?

We will be working as long as weather permits. However, we are available the whole year for private events.

12. What's next for Guanabana Ice Pops?  

We have many plans - new flavors are coming, a new tricycle is in the making, and new locations. But the most important thing is keeping the high quality of our pops and the people of Jax loving our product. One of our biggest plans is to have a retail location - we can not wait for this to happen

Guanabana - Julieta and Oliver

Julieta and Oliver Mosqueda

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