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8083 Baymar St. Jacksonville, FL 32220

(904) 683-4941


11am - 8pm  Monday - Saturday

Closed Sundays

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10 Questions about Gator's BBQ

1. Tell us about Gator's BBQ.

We were voted the overall winner for Jacksonville's Best BBQ in the Times-Union customer poll. We have the best sweet smoked beef, pork, turkey, chicken and sausage in town. We also offer fried green tomatoes, gator tail and seafood.

2. What makes Gator's BBQ special?

We're a small BBQ restaurant that is family owned and operated. We put everything into our food and it is just really good. The Times Union poll shows that a lot of people agree! 

Gator's BBQ fried shrimp

3. What sort of food do you serve?

BBQ and seafood.

4. Where do your recipes come from?

They're mostly family recipes, unique to us.

5. What is your top recommendation to someone new to Gator's BBQ?

The Sweet Smoked Beef Brisket and Ribs.

Gator's BBQ ribs

6. What can you recommend to someone looking for something a little different?

Gator tail!

7. What's the most popular dish?

Beef brisket.

8. What's your favorite dish?

Gator's BBQ loaded potato

Salad with chicken tenders on top.

9. You've only been in business since April 2009 and yet you've built quite a following in short order. What's your secret?

Gator's BBQ beef

Great BBQ, slow smoked at low temperatures.

10. Despite only being open for a few years, you won top prize for Jacksonville's Best BBQ. What were you doing before you opened Gator's BBQ? 

Accounting type jobs.

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