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Food trucks for dinner

1.  Tell us about Food Truck Eats Jax

Our mission is to help find locations where food trucks can serve from 5-8 pm during the week. This gives the food trucks an extra “bonus” after a lunch spot – and customers a “second chance” to catch their favorite food trucks if they missed them for lunch. 

We currently schedule food trucks to over 20 residential communities around Jacksonville. This is a convenient way for the residents of these communities to have dinner come to them, instead of having to order delivery or having to dress up to go grab something to eat. Plus, by stopping by a food truck people can have an extra day during the week when they don’t have to worry about cooking! 

2. When does your schedule come out?

We aim to get it onto Facebook by 11 am each weekday.  

3. What services do you offer?

The main thing we do is to match trucks up with dinner locations. For this we charge each food truck $10 and dessert truck $5 per apartment they go to. This money goes into a Marketing Bucket which is STRICTLY used on marketing for the trucks.

On the side, we also find lunch locations for the trucks and help put together catering gigs for companies that want to buy lunch for their employees.

4. What sort of marketing do you provide?

We run things like Facebook contests, sponsored Facebook posts, and we provide better yard signage at the apartments. We also put together promotions such as “First 5-10 people eat free” and “Guess That Truck Facebook Contest”. For the latter contest we'll post a picture of a food item and people have to guess where it’s from. If they guess the correct truck they’ll win a $15 gift certificate to that food truck or $10 to the dessert truck. 

We also have plans to host mini Food Truck Rallies at each apartment complex – for the residents AND the public! 

Food Truck Eats Jax - Guess that truck contest

Contests appear regularly on the Food Truck Eats Jax Facebook page

5. How do you decide on the locations you're servicing?

We’ve targeted a lot of apartment complexes to start with. You don’t need to live in the apartments to visit the trucks though. 95% of the apartments we manage locations for have reached out to us through word of mouth. Once we add a new location it’s important that foods trucks have enough business there to make it worthwhile for them. If a location is struggling we’ll create a marketing plan to boost sales. If that doesn’t work we’ll have to remove the location from our rotation. 

6. How does a location become part of your rotation?

All they have to do is send us an e-mail and we'll add them to our email list! 

7. Can any food truck become involved?

Anyone! And not just food trucks - we even schedule Fashion Trucks at the apartments.

8. Do you schedule trucks for other events?

Yes, we do. If someone wants to schedule a food truck they can send us a message by e-mail, through Facebook, or by phone.

9. How long have you been operating?

We’ve been running the service since September 2014 and Food Truck Eats Jax was launched in June of 2015. 

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