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10 Questions about Driftwood BBQ Food Truck with Patrick O'Grady

1. Tell us about Driftwood BBQ.

We're a family owned business that embodies the Food Truck Culture. This is a culture that thrives on the community for it's success. We understand that reputations are built everyday with every sale. So instead of driving miles away during your busy day we bring the laid back beach lifestyle we grew up on to our foodies. Food trucks are adult cravings satisfied and we want to satisfy that urge for low and slow BBQ that melts in your mouth.

As a business we try to stay as green as we can and are always looking for ways to recycle our waste and lower our use of harmful fuels.

Driftwood BBQ pulled pork sandwich

2. What makes Driftwood BBQ special?

Slow-cooked barbecue that melts right in your mouth!

Grilling and smoking are two different ways to BBQ. Grilling is hot and fast and the flavor is only as good as the meat you are cooking. There is no rushing in BBQ. Instead we slow cook our barbecue for up to 16 hours over peach, apple, or cherry hardwoods – a taste that you can’t get from charcoal, pellets or propane.

Driftwood BBQ Food Truck meat smoking on the grill

3. What sort of food do you serve?

Typical BBQ: pulled pork, ribs, and brisket matched with your favorite Southern sides.

Driftwood BBQ Patrick at the window

4. What are your top 3 recommendations for someone new to Driftwood BBQ?

1. Pulled pork sliders.
2. Chicken salad sliders with a side of sauce!
3. Sweet potato mash.

5. What can you recommend to someone looking for something a little different?

The chicken salad sliders….it's not your ordinary chicken salad. It is made from smoked chicken breast so it has a little something extra!

Driftwood BBQ smoked chicken sandwich

6. What's the most popular item?

Pulled pork sliders.

Driftwood BBQ pulled pork sliders

7. What's your favorite item?

Pulled pork sliders topped with either cole slaw or sweet potato mash.

8. Can you tell us a little about your background?

I was a Parts Manager at Audi until a year ago when I started up Driftwood BBQ. I learned a lot about cooking from my father who was a chef on board a yacht for many years.

Driftwood BBQ chicken on the grill

9. What made you decide to open a food truck and not a regular restaurant?

Making the transition from the car industry into owning my own company I liked the smaller start up cost.

10. What's the best part about owning a food truck?

Driftwood BBQ pudding

Being able to change locations and see a variety of clients each day.

11. What's been the biggest challenge in running a food truck business?

Managing new locations that have enough traffic to support it.

12. What's been the biggest surprise in owning a food truck?

Driftwood BBQ sweet potato mash

Generator problems :)

13. Where are you generally located? 

We travel to a variety of locations around Jacksonville. The schedule changes each week. You can find us through the Jax Truckies Facebook page or their Tweets, and also through our own Facebook page.

14. What's been the reception to Driftwood BBQ and food trucks in general?

Jacksonville has been very receptive to the concept of food trucks. While the laws are outdated and do not support them in all locations the citizens have been driving the culture and demand for more.

Driftwood BBQ pig on the grill

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