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Talking Brazilian BBQ with Sandro Oliveira

1. Tell us about Delish Kebabs.

We are a husband and wife team working together. We decided to open a food truck because we know how to prepare a delicious Brazilian BBQ. We used to volunteer at Church cooking for people there. We realized how much they loved it when we cooked, so we had this idea to open a food business.

We opened in November [2013].

2. What is Brazilian BBQ and how is it different from other BBQ?

Churrasco is the term for a barbecue which originated in southern Brazil. It uses wood charcoal, called carbon, and a variety of meats. The meat is grilled over the hot charcoal on skewers, called espetinhos. It's more expensive to use charcoal, but the flavor is unquestionable and it’s the traditional method for Brazilian BBQ.

Delish Kebabs - BBQ

Brazilian BBQ over wood charcoal

3. How are your kebabs served?

They're served right on the stick. 

4. What sort of kebabs do you carry?

We’ve had both meat and vegetable kebabs but at this time we’re just selling meat kebabs as they are much more popular. 

Our most popular kebab, and the one that’s our signature, is the Picanha. It’s a top sirloin steak kebab that is fresh, tender and juicy. If you went to Brazil and ate at a barbecue restaurant, called a churrascaria, they would serve you Picanha. It’s the most famous red meat in Brazil. 

We have a chicken kebab that’s wrapped with bacon and served with a garlic-cilantro sauce. We also have a chicken and sausage kebab. The sausages come in either pork or chicken styles. We get our sausages from a Brazilian butcher shop here in Jacksonville, so they’re very authentic.

Sometimes we also have a corn on the cob kebab and a yucca kebab.

When we go to big events we only make our chicken with bacon and our top sirloin kebabs. The other varieties are for smaller venues when it’s not so busy.

Delish Kebabs - Bacon Chicken Wrapped with corn on the cob

Bacon wrapped Chicken Kebab

5. Do you serve sauces with your kebabs?

Authentic Brazilian BBQ doesn’t use sauces with the meat. The quality of the meat, and the juiciness of the meat are so delicious that we don’t want to cover up the flavor with a sauce. However, we’ve found that in America people do want the option to have a sauce with their meat, so we provide a Garlic-Cilantro Sauce that we make ourselves that can be used to dip the meat. The sauce is very versatile and can be used with any of our meats. But I always tell people to try the meat without sauce first to experience the full flavor of Brazilian BBQ. We only created our sauce when we got many requests for something to go with the meat.

6. Can you describe your Garlic-Cilantro Sauce?

It’s made with a lot of cilantro, then garlic and a little mayo. It’s a little sweet, but not too much. Many American barbecue sauces can be sweet, but not Brazilian BBQ. 

7. Do people order one kebab for lunch, or do they typically order a few at a time?

It depends. Normally people order one or two. For people who love meat, we see many times that they place their order and a little time later they come back for more. This is especially true if people have never had Brazilian BBQ before and don’t know what to expect. Once they taste the meat they’re blown away and want more. The other day we had a person who came back 3 times to get more kebabs. 

Delish Kebabs - Top of Sirloin Steak with yucca on the side

Picanha Kebab with Yucca

8. Why did you decide to create your food truck around Brazilian BBQ?

It’s mostly because of my background. I love Brazilian BBQ! I thought about doing hamburgers or tacos but so many people already serve these and I wanted something different and that would really impress people who had never eaten Brazilian BBQ before. What we’re serving and how we cook our meat - nobody has that on a food truck today.

Delish Kebabs - Chicken and Sausage

Chicken and Sausage Kebab

9. You also sell Brazilian soda, can you tell us about that?

Our soda is the most famous one in Brazil. It’s called Guarana and is a little like American ginger ale, but also a little sweeter. I think it tastes a lot better than ginger ale.

10. What does "Delicioso Espetinho" mean?

“Delicioso Espetinho” means "Delicious Kebabs”.

11. Will you mostly focus on lunch or will you be out at other times as well?

We’re just new so for the now we’re mostly working on weekends and at festivals. 

Delish Kebabs - Chicken

Chicken Kebab

12. Can you tell us about your culinary background?

I learned to cook from my family, growing up. I love to cook, especially BBQ. I like seeing that people really enjoy my cooking.

13. What did you do before Delish Kebabs?

I was a server at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel here in Jacksonville. I leaned I lot from the chefs there - especially about how to prepare my sauces and about how much Americans love cilantro!

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