Bottle & Bottega

Talking art and wine with Melissa Anderson


9823 Tapestry Park Circle, #5
Jacksonville, FL

(904) 347-2150

1. Tell us about Bottle & Bottega

Bottle & Bottega is a unique and colorful paint and sip concept. One part artistic adventure and one part cocktail party, Bottle & Bottega inspires the inner artist in everyone regardless of skill or practice, through a blend of hands-on art sessions, on-site professional instruction and, of course, a glass of your favorite wine.

 2. Does Bottle & Bottega provide the supplies?

Yes. We provide all the art supplies, including aprons, along with hands-on art instruction to make a masterpiece.

 3. How long does a class last for?

A class typically lasts for 2 to 2 ˝ hours. There are 30-minute cocktail parties before the class begins.

 4. How many people are typically in a class?

This varies depending on the event. If it is a pop-up event, it can range from 15-500 people. If it is a public party or fundraiser, it can range from 7-50 people.

5. What’s the typical price for a class?

This also varies depending on the event - typically, the price ranges from $35-$40.


Glass painting event at the studio

 6. What if I don't know how to paint? What if I'm an absolute beginner?

Anyone can do this! Even when individuals think that they don’t have creative chops, after a couple of hours (and glasses of wine), they emerge with an impressive work of art and an unexpected sense of pride in their accomplishment.

Bottle & Bottega - wine glass paintings

Wine glass painting. Photo courtesy Bottle & Bottega.

7. Can you tell us about the different parties you host?

Bottle & Bottega hosts events no matter the occasion. It could be an adult party, kids celebration, baby or bridal shower, bachelorette party, corporate team building, fundraiser or just a great night out with friends.


At Tapestry Park Circle

 8. Can an individual or a few friends come out?

Yes, absolutely. Guests can come individually or with a group of friends, as space permits.

 9. Is there a minimum group size to schedule an event?

Yes, we require a minimum of 7 people to book a private event either in studio or offsite.

 10. When are the parties typically held? 

Parties are typically held from 6-9 p.m. during the week and 7-10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights with various daytime events on Saturday, Sunday and through the week. Offsite parties are pop-up events that can happen anywhere such as homes, businesses or patios and can host up to 500 people.

Bottle & Bottega - class paintings

Finished artwork! Photo courtesy Bottle & Bottega.

 11. For public parties, can someone just show up or do they need to register in advance?

Individuals who would like to attend a public party must register online. It’s simple, just visit the Bottle & Bottega Jacksonville website, click on “Book a Class!”, select an event date, pre-register online or by phone and prepare to uncork your creativity!

12. Will most of your classes be at your new studio or will you also be doing events with local venues?

We will mostly be hosting public events at the studio; however, we will also host public events as pop-ups, which can be held at local venues, especially for various fundraisers we will be hosting.

We partner with venues that are nearby the studio that we have established relationships with. Some of these partnerships include Veterans United Craft Brewery, Blackfinn Ameripub, Royal Palm Village Wine & Tapas as well as others.

Bottle & Bottega - Paint Your Pet at Royal Palm Village Wine and Tapas

Paint Your Pet at Royal Palm Village Wine & Tapas. Photo courtesy Bottle & Bottega.

 13. Are there events for kids and teenagers?

Yes absolutely, we host events for kids of all ages, such as a kid’s birthday party.

 14. Can underage people attend the public events? 

Underage people can attend; however, they must be accompanied by an adult due to the serving of alcohol. They will get a green apron to identify them as underage.

 15. Does everyone paint the same thing or do people work on separate projects?

In the class, typically everyone paints the same thing, however guests can peruse our gallery of images in the studio and paint that image. Artists will be able to guide them to paint the image but the preselected image will be taught step-by-step. We also have events called “Pick Your Painting” where guests choose from 4 preselected images. The subject of the painting depends on the event – this could be the skyline, nature, etc. However, for some events, individuals can paint differently – for example: during the Paint Your Pet event, guests bring in photos of their own pets and paint portraits of those. 

Bottle & Bottega - image from gallery

Sample image from Bottle & Bottega gallery. Photo courtesy Bottle & Bottega.

16. Do you offer parties for different art forms, or just painting?

Yes, we offer the typical paint on canvas, glass painting (wine & pub glasses, ornaments, mason jars), mixed media collage, melted crayon, black canvas, murals, mosaics, and human form (live model).

 17. Are there memberships to come multiple times or is each party separate?

Each party is separate, however, if you enroll into the VIP Program, you can earn points with every purchase and turn those points into free events.

Bottle & Bottega - public painting party

Public painting class. Photo courtesy Bottle & Bottega.

18. What's the best way to find out about upcoming events?

The best way to find out about upcoming events is to check out our website (here) at or by calling the studio at (904) 347-2150. You can also check out our Facebook or Twitter pages.

 19. How far in advance are events scheduled?

Our event calendar is typically scheduled 90 days out. We can accommodate private events with studio availability on short notice.  

20. Who's the audience for Bottle & Bottega?

The primary target audience is single, young women seeking a fun evening with friends. Typically, this means women 25 to 55 in search of lifestyle brands to immerse themselves in socially and emotionally.

Bottle & Bottega - Humane Society fundraiser

Humane Society Fundraiser. Photo courtesy Bottle & Bottega.

21. What is the role of wine and food at Bottle & Bottega?

Wine and food are part of our concept – the unique twist to your typical art class. The wine and food bring another fun element into our classes.

22. Is Bottle & Bottega a wine bar or do people bring their own wine?

The studio is zoned to sell beer & wine; we are not a BYOB location. We carry local craft beer and work with local distributors to carry wine that people want to drink. 

23. Do you offer food? 

We offer infused olive oils, balsamic vinegar and bread at each event and for some events we may partner with local restaurants to provide food for guests. Guests are welcome to bring food to events. We provide utensils, plates and napkins.

24. What is a bottega?

A bottega is a studio of a master artist in which apprentices and students learn by participating in the work.

25. Can you tell us about your instructors?

Our instructors are artists; their personal works are on display in the studio. Although not a prerequisite, all the instructors have attended school for art or attended art residency. Most have full time jobs in an art-related field and instruct on the side.

26. Can you tell us about your background? 

I was born and raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas and joined the U.S. Air Force in Feb. 1999 in the health services management field (4A0X1). I was stationed at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas, Lakenheath AB, England (4 years) and was at Incirlik AB, Turkey for two years. I separated from the Air Force in 2008 with the birth of my daughter. My husband remained on Active Duty until he retired in 2013. Prior to moving to Jacksonville, I was an Education Specialist for Eastern Virginia Medical School Department of Surgery Residency Program from 2010-2014.

27. Are you an artist? 

While I’m not a professional artist and do not instruct in the studio, I’ve always had a deep love and appreciation of art and all things creative. And I LOVE hosting events!

28. What attracted you to Bottle & Bottega?

I did a lot of research prior to selecting Bottle & Bottega and liked that they were still up and coming. I loved the look and feel of the brand and the differentiating factors that sets them apart from others in the industry. When I visited the main studio in Chicago, I immediately knew that Bottle & Bottega was the one.

29. Anything else you'd like to add?

Moving to Jacksonville has been a blessing! The residents and businesses of Jacksonville have welcomed Bottle & Bottega with open arms. In addition, The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce has been an integral part of Bottle & Bottega’s launch in the market and one of the best investments I’ve made since moving here. If you can’t tell, I LOVE Jacksonville and look forward to being a huge supporter of our community!


Melissa Anderson cuts the ribbon at the Grand Opening with Jax Chamber.

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