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Talking about Bono’s Bar-B-Q Express food truck with Chance Gerisch

1. Tell us about Bono's Express food truck?

We're a franchise of Bono's Pit BBQ, we're just mobile. We're currently the only food truck that's part of Bono's. 

2. Are you focused on special events only or are you out daily? 

We're a business like a normal food truck, so we're doing both special events and weekly lunches. We're also available nights and weekends for events and catering. 

You can find our location on our Facebook page or on Jacksonville Food Trucks Facebook page. Bono’s BBQ is the official BBQ of the Jaguars so I plan to be parked somewhere at every single game. I'm not sure where yet, I will keep everyone posted on Facebook.

3. Do you prep your food on the truck?  

Yep, we do it all right there on the truck.  

Bonos Express - wings

BBQ wings

4. How is Bono's Express different from other barbecue trucks?  

When someone sees my truck rolling down the street their mouth can automatically start watering for that authentic, traditional Southern BBQ experience that they know and love. Why? Because Bono’s Pit BBQ has been around since 1949. It has a reputation here in Jacksonville - a genuine down home experience with great customer service and good food. I haven’t changed any of that. I just made it a little more convenient for some folks to enjoy by making it mobile.  

5. Do you have a smoker on the truck?   

Yes, our smoker is inside the truck, as opposed to a pull behind trailer like most trucks have. And just like all the other Bono’s in town we have a pit boss that runs it - and that would be me!

6. What will the menu look like on the truck?   

Our menu is a condensed version consisting of Bono’s favorites. That means Smoked Pork, Turkey, and St. Louis Ribs. We'll also run specials and will do whatever we can to accommodate our customers. 

7. Can you recommend a few items?   

My personal favorites are the ribs and green beans. The ribs are very tender from our slow smoke and our secret rub gives it that awesome Bono’s flavor burst. The green beans are not your average side - they are loaded with smoked pork and spices. But if you ask my wife her favorite is the Smoked Turkey Salad with homemade ranch dressing, sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, and sweet tea followed by homemade Banana Pudding. 

The Smoked Pork is fall-off-the-bone tender with a great bark. It pairs great with our variety of BBQ sauces. 

We also make fresh salads daily with a choice of different dressings. 

8. What appealed to you about opening a Bono's food truck? 

I love food and I love to cook for people. I always wanted to own a restaurant but having friends who own some successful establishments I knew first hand the long hours that they kept. I have a four-year-old son, a one-year-old daughter, and my wife is a teacher - long hours just wouldn’t work for me at this time. But then the food truck trend really appealed to me and I just knew I had to be a part of that. I told my wife I was thinking about starting a food truck and she looked at me like I was crazy. Not long after, it just sort of came to me that a Bono’s Food Truck would be awesome! I love the food and Jacksonville knows Bono’s BBQ. Many food trucks are starting out and then becoming successful brick and mortars, so why not take a successful brick and mortar and turn it into a food truck? I can bring a recognized brand to the people that would also allow me to spend the time I wanted with my family. The food truck idea didn’t seem so crazy to my wife after that. So, I contacted the owner of Bono’s and he loved it. 

Bonos Express - Justin Harris, Chance Gerisch, Genis Farmer

Bono’s Express crew - Justin Harris, Chance Gerisch and Genis Farmer

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