Blue Boy Sandwich Shop

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6514 Norwood Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32208

(904) 768-9791

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8:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday

9am - 3pm Saturday

Closed Sunday

5535 Ft Caroline Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32277

(904) 743-3515

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8:30am - 3pm Mon - Thurs

8:30 am - 5pm Fri - Sat

Closed Sunday

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10 Questions about Blue Boy Sandwich Shop

1. Tell us about Blue Boy Sandwich Shop.

Blue Boy Sandwich Shop has been in Jacksonville since 1962. Our family purchased the first Blue Boy Sandwich Shop on Norwood Ave in 1972.  When we bought it we switched it up a bit by making our own bread and adding new items to the menu. We still begin every morning at Blue Boy’s just like we did back then…baking our fresh, homemade bread.

Blue Boy Sandwich #9 with onions

2. What makes Blue Boy special?

One word ... the "BREAD"!

3. What sort of food do you serve?

Sandwiches! Lots of sandwiches. And a little breakfast in the morning.

4. Where do your sandwich ideas come from?

Our employees and customers.

5. What are your top recommendations for someone new to Blue Boy?

1. Steak sub
2. Submarine sub (ham, bologna, salami, cheese …)
3. Mini super (bacon, ham, smoked turkey, turkey …) 

Tripleta at Blue Boy Sandwich Shop

6. What can you recommend for someone looking for something a little different?

Western Steak or Big Daddy (2 hamburger patties, mushrooms, eggs, onions, cheese).

7. What's the most popular sandwich?

#8 steak sub (steak, onions, and cheese) hot peppers optional.

8. What's your favorite sandwich?

Everything is good. It depends on the day.

9. Anything new on the menu?

Yes! We've come up with a few new special sandwiches: 

Puerto Rican Tripleta - steak, pastrami, ham, swiss, grilled onions, mayo, and ketchup (pictured above).

LA Sub - corn beef, roast beef, swiss, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, sauerkraut, and raw onions.

10. Your motto is "One sandwich, one meal." Just how big are your sandwiches?

Some of them are pretty big! If you can finish a Monster Burger (2 lbs. of Angus beef with a side of fries. Comes with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions.) or a Super Club you'll get a T-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame.

Piled high Tripleta at Blue Boy Sandwich Shop

Super Club

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