Aron's Pizza

Aron's Pizza Pie in Jacksonville, FL
Aron's Pizza Restaurant in Jacksonville, FL

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650 Park Ave.

Orange Park, FL 32073

(904) 269-1007


11am - 10pm Monday - Thursday

11am - 11pm Friday - Saturday

11am - 9pm Sunday

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10 Questions with Aron Ardic of Aron's Pizza

1. Tell us about Aron's Pizza.

Aron’s Pizza is a small, family owned and operated restaurant, serving pizza and Italian cuisine. We opened in February 2005 and have been tossing pies in the air ever since. We're a true mom and pop place. In fact, I work here with my mom Susan and my dad Asir. We're joined by my wife, Ozge, and my sisters, Demet and Elif. As I say, we're a real family business. We're located close to one of the busiest highways in the county - we're a short, side trip from Highway 295, just over the Buckman Bridge - a side trip to Aron's that's definitely worth taking. 

2. What makes Aron's Pizza special? 

Many things! Our entire team from servers to the kitchen crew are all dedicated to delivering high quality food and great service. We have a large menu with something for everyone - whether it's a magnificent mozzarella salad, scrumptious tiramisu or anything in between. And we deliver many true Italian dishes along with our award winning pies. 

3. What sort of food do you serve?

Aron's Pizza - cheese pizza

Italian cuisine and pizza.

4. Where do your recipe ideas come from?

Some of our recipes are traditional, and some are my own creations.

Bowl of ziti at Aron's Pizza in Jacksonville, FL

5. What are your top recommendations for someone new to Aron's Pizza?

1. Pizza
2. Salads
3. Entrees

6. What can you recommend for someone looking for something a little different?

My Greek salad to start and my Zeppoli's fried dough with powdered sugar to end. Zeppoli's fried dough is my own creation, similar to a Beignet. It comes with raspberry sauce and is delicious.

Italian Pasta at Aron's Pizza

7. What's your favorite dish?

Everything! There are too many to name.

8. Anything else you'd like to add?

When people think of Aron’s Pizza we want them to smile and say “that is the best pizza place in Orange Park.” Aron’s is the newborn pizza place that will be serving its customers for years to come.

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